Photos of the 2010 J/80 World Championship, hosted by Sail Newport and Ida Lewis Yacht Club, Newport, RI. Some spectacular sailing conditions and sailing to be seen during this world series of international yachting. This image belongs to ©WWW.OUTSIDEIMAGES.COM Photo Credit must read © PAUL TODD/OUTSIDEIMAGES.COM. Championship, England, Island, J80, New, Newport, Rhode, USA, Worlds, action, active, adventure, blue, boat, boat, clouds, coast, color, competition, crew, design, fast, fleet, fun, group, horizon, landscape, leisure, lifestyle, marine, maritime, mast, nature, nautical, navigating, navigation, ocean, one, outdoor, race, racing, regatta, sail, sailboat, sailing, sea, sky, sky, speed, sport, success, sun, sun, sunny, team, team, teamwork, transportation, water, water, wave, waves, weather, wind, work, yacht, yachting
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