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Stock Images of the 2017 J CLASS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, hosted by the New York Yacht Club August 21-26 Newport, Rhode Island. J Boats racing are J5 Ranger. JH1 Lionheart. JK-6 Hanuman. J8 Topaz. JS-1 Svea. JK-7 Velsheda. Nautical Photography scenes from around Newport and Narragansett for sale. Photography with brilliant colors and tack sharp details pop off the page or wall. We have an extensive collection of nautical stock and marine fine art photography. Crews of the six yachts – Velsheda (1933), Ranger (2003), Hanuman (2009), Lionheart (2010), Topaz (2015) and Svea (2017) – have been training on the Bay over recent days, building up to Monday's official Practice Race before racing starts Tuesday. A flexible programme of five days of racing – three of windward-leeward contests, usually two per day, and two days of Navigator Races, middle distance coastal races using a variety of fixed navigation marks – should prove a fitting challenge. Forecasters suggest normal sea breeze conditions for the opening days, some stronger winds midweek tapering to lighter airs for the final races. The choice of racing format for each day will be decided the previous evening. Pictures of J class yachts sailing. A J-Class yacht is a single-masted racing sailboat built to the specifications of Nathanael Herreshoff's Universal Rule. The J-Class are considered the peak racers of the era when the Universal Rule determined eligibility in the America's Cup. The J-Class is one of several classes deriving from the Universal Rule for racing boats. The rule was established in 1903 and rates double-masted racers (classes A through H) and single-masted racers (classes I through S). From 1914 to 1937, the rule was used to determine eligibility for the Americas Cup. In the late 1920s, the trend was towards smaller boats and so agreement among American yacht clubs led to rule changes such that after 1937 the International Rule would be used for 12-metre class boats.

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