Photos of the 2010 J/80 World Championship, hosted by Sail Newport and Ida Lewis Yacht Club, Newport, RI. Some spectacular sailing conditions and sailing to be seen during this world series of international yachting. J80 World Championship 2010 Photography prints for sale. Stock Sailing pictures that can be purchased online with a credit card or download digital files. Prints can be purchased of competitors boats from the regatta. Print in the USA by one of the largest professional photo labs on professional photo paper and sent right to your door step. If you can not find your boat please email us. We dont always upload every image from a regatta. We now offer cell phone cases for sale so your favourite image of your boat can be carried around with you in your pocket. We offer Samsung and Apple only at this stage. business tools, cell phone cases, marketing, marketing tools, marketing tools, photographer, photography, professional photographer, professional photography, selling, smartphone cases.
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